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Automatic Hydraulic Baling Press

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Automatic Hydraulic Baling Press is a versatile machine for various industrial processes. It has been designed for easy handling, safe operating and efficient compacting. Our energy-efficient machines give higher production with minimal labor. They are suited for ferrous / non-ferrous metals, paper scrap, plastics etc. Our solutions exhibit excellent control, proven hydraulic technology and compact design. Therefore they are ideal for present-day industrial / commercial needs. Our hydraulic baling press machines are suitable for small to large companies. We emphasis on durability, reliability and safety. Also, our machines help save floor-space, time and money. There is innovative hydraulic drive, small dimensions and simple operation. Maximum press force and protection are other key aspects.

Technical Specification


PET Bottles


Parrytech Hydraulics



Motor Power

1-100 hp

Automatic Grade

Semi-Automatic, Automatic


Three Phase



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